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10 must to do things prior to an interview Interview Tips
A day or two before the interview most of us have butterflies in out stomach because we are probably too nervous to even say that we are nervous and feel anxious. The internet is filled with tips and tricks for interview and how to face them; often reading different articles could mean losing track on information about a specific top. The help that you need is 10 must to do things prior to an interview. If you are able to prepare well for an interview then that’s usually half the work done, you are looking to start the interview on the right note and using these 10 must to do things prior to an interview you have given yourself the best chance to beginning an interview in the right earnest.

» Review your CV -
In all likelihood we all remember every word of our curriculum vitae. That is a good thing but when you are faced with an interview when the most experienced people who have given many interviews might fumble. This can be embarrassing to say the least; you would not like your new employer to think you are taking things lightly in an interview. It’s always a good practice to sit down a day before the actual interview and review your curriculum vitae.

» Imagine the interview –
Here the objective is to prepare oneself for the atmosphere that you would face in the interview hall. You have prepare for an interview brilliantly but once you reach the interview venue and you see scores for people already present there it could be nerve racking. But if you imagine this situation a day prior to an interview then it is as if you were expecting this and that’s what is happening so there’s nothing out of the unusual. You walk in confidently and seeing such a confident person in you some other people might feel uncomfortable.

» Dress appropriately –
Who said looks do not matter, well they do and a lot. No one wants a shabbily dressed person working in the office it just brings bad taste and you could be the one who’s never asked for a cup of coffee. Do not wear a t-shirt even; you can wear a stripes office wear shirt and a neat trouser. Your appearance must be of a polished person, donning a professional & conservative look would be really cool.

» Knowing the Company –
One of the things that might really work in your favor is that if you can take some time to research about the company you are going to give an interview to then that’s one tool that will be much appreciated. All you need to do is visit the online website of the company and gather information regarding what business in company is involved, what products or services they sell, visit the about us page for quick review of the company’s history etc.

» Presenting something unique –
A unique presentation depends whether it applies to your prospective job or not. If you are applying for a job in an architectural company. In that case you can carry some of your best design work and sheets. That would be a great way to impress the interviewers or recruiters that you have the ability and skills, the work will speak for you.

» Positive visualization of the interview –
As said earlier if you walk into an interview with the world of confidence then people around you will feel threatened, though that’s not the aim it certainly gives you an advantage. By creating a positive visualization of the interview you are preparing yourself to face the interview and prepare your mind for it. See yourself as if you are inside the interview room and seated comfortable answering all questions the recruiter poses to you. When you face the actual interview you are doing something that you already knew you would be.

» Create a questions list –
An interview is not to be seen as if it’s a person interrogation. The interview is a “getting to know you” meeting, which means you, can pose questions to the interviewers as well. Please do not start with questions like what are the work hours or how much salary will I draw. Instead ask questions that show you are ready to do the job and present you as a person who is quick to get start with the task presented to you.

» Prepare yourself to impress –
it’s all in the mind, usually a screening interview will not last more than 15 minutes, in those 15 minutes you will have will the opportunity to impress your would be would recruiters. Talk confidently and dress up in appropriate attrite, do not look as if you do not belong to that job, instead you should prepare yourself to appear as candidate that is willing to take on a challenging job.

» Prepare interview material –
Sometimes people aren’t preparing well a day ahead of the interview. They are so tensed they think watching movie will help and early morning they can’t even locate their interview file. Relax and create a small list of your interview material, gather it can place all papers, curriculum vitae, previous appointment letters all related documents and put them in your file. Review if every paper is in order and relax.

» Sleep well –
Once you are have done on of the 9 above must to thing prior to an interview its time that you get much needed rest a day before the interview. Once you are sure that you have prepared confidently and you have reviewed your curriculum vitae then a good night’s sleep can do a world of good for you. If you cannot get a good sleep next morning you will definitely feel lethargic and might have to take aspirin to feel good. A good night’s sleep will ensure you are feeling good about everything the next morning and you will have all the energy and confidence to face the interview.

Getting a job is not guaranteed every time but by preparing for it well you are giving yourself the best chance to get a job. With these 10 must to things prior to an interview we simple aim to help you prepare for an interview with tips. Preparation is important to success in any field so if you prepare for an interview well then you are going to get a job.


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