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Resume database access is database of CVs. It is the highest quality resume database available in India today. Through resume database access you reach a higher number and better quality of active job-seekers in the quickest possible time.
» Types of Resume Search available with us
•  Basic resume search
•  Advance Search
    •  Current employer wise resume search
    •  Industry specialization resume search
    •  Location wise resume search
    •  Education wise resume search
» Key Benefits Resume Database Access
  • Recruit at your leisure 24 hrs a day, 7 day a week
  • Target profile/ Headhunt quality managers.
  • Access active job seekers.
  • Save resume for future reference
  • Maintain confidentiality of your current requirements.
  • Avoid junk and irrelevant response.
  • With a Resume database Access subscription, get access to the database & also use search tools that help in searching for  the right candidate.
  • It helps you in reaching out to the traffic coming on to the site everyday, which will have a lot of first time users. While Resume Database Access will allow you to reach out those who have registered themselves and may not be frequently visiting the site.
  • Profiles registered are spread across industries, functions and experience levels.
  • Candidates can be contacted real time through E-mail.
  • The database has candidates from various locations including international locations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
Faq's for Employers/ Recruiters Manage Your Account
Faq's for Job Posting
Faq's for Resume Database
Faq's for Employers/ Recruiters Manage Your Account
» I’m having problems signing into my account. What should I do?
Please check if having problem to signing:
1. You are entering the correct username and password to log in to your account.
2. You have cookies enabled on your browser.
3. You have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
4. If the problem persists, please email us at
» I forgot my username/password. How can I retrieve it?
To retrieve your Password, please go to this page:, please enter your user name in the “Username” text box and click on “Submit” button. We’ll email you your account details.
If you do not remember either your username or the email id with which you had registered for a careerana recruiter account, please get in touch with us at recruit
Faq's for Job Posting
» How can I post a job on
Posting jobs on is quite easy with three (3) easy steps:
1. Login to your employers/Recruiter’s account at with the username and password mailed to you earlier.
2. Go to "Post / Save Job "
3. Fill the Job Posting form, preview and post it.
» For how long will my posted jobs remain advertised the site?
All jobs remain active on the site for 60 days from the date of posting
» How long will it take for my job to get reflected on careerana site?
It takes 30 minutes for a job posted to be visible on the site.
» How do I view the applications/responses received for the job that I’ve posted?
For the job that you’ve posted on careerana, you can choose to receive the applications in two ways:
1. Email: Directly receive the applications on the email id provided by you while posting the job.
2. Login to your account, Click on "View Job Response" Section to view responses.
» What is the Refresh option?
-You possibly can refresh your job post to give its duration on the webpage. Each refresh consumes a job from your job posting quota. Like if you have subscribed to a pack of 5, you can either post 5 jobs or post one job and refresh it 4 times. Also, if you have purchased a single job posting, you will not be able to refresh it.
» Can I refresh one job any number of times. If yes, how?
Yes, you possibly can refresh one job oftentimes. but, refreshing a job credits a job posting,and hence you possibly can refresh jobs till you've job counts obtainable in your account..
Faq's for Resume Database
» What are the benefits of using Resume database over job postings?
It will definitely not always be a smart idea to evaluate the two products as they have their own benefits . It is advisable to sign up for both products while finding candidates so to get best final results. That because, job postings help you in reaching out for the traffic coming onto the site everyday, which will have a great deal of first time users. While resume database service will allow you to reach out those candidate who have registered themselves and may not be frequently visiting the site.
» How can I search for candidates?
There are 2 major tools for searching candidates - Simple Search and Advance Search. Broadly, you can specify a number of criteria’s to search the right candidates. These criteria’s include : keywords, Location, Experience level, Current Industry,Salary Range ,Current functional area, and many more. So it is very easy to search right candidate according to your job profile.
» Can I save previously done searches?
Yes you can. Resume database service allows you to save your search. You can select the criteria according to your job profile and save the same. All your search are shown in "Saved Searches" and you can also make a folder of your searches which is shown in "Personalized Folder " .
» Can I save resumes that I like during my search?
Our resumes are a cross section of different functional areas, educational qualifications, location preferences and years of work experience.
» What kind of resumes do you have?
Our resumes are a cross section of different functional areas, educational qualifications, location preferences and years of work experience.


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